Meet Nigerian Blogger Who Creates Art From Food

Meet Haneefah Adam, the creator of Hijarbie! (The Hijab wearing dull)

She is a Nigerian in her 20s. A medical scientist, lifestyle blogger, and enthusiast who created Hijarbie, a hijab-wearing barbie type doll. However, we’re going to be talking about the art she creates which we love so much!

Haneefah has her way with creating art pieces from food ingredients and food as well and here are a few she came up with that left us speechless



Ogbono Soup

Food art

Image: Muslim Hanie


Inspired by the true African beauty, What’s cooking is Ogbono Soup. Using all the ingredients of this South East Nigerian delicacy, the portrait expresses and celebrates the beauty of an African woman and her uniqueness as a vibrant and colourful spirit. She’s a beautiful strong woman that wears her deep sense of heritage with pride.  You can see the beautiful ingredients well spread out. Gorgeous!


Fela Anikulapo Kuti

This art work is inspired by Fela, to celebrate uniqueness and creativity. Qualities that reflect through her art. It celebrates a pioneer and a Nigerian icon.

Food art

Image: Muslim Hanie


The Zobo Dancer

Inspired by our rich Nigerian culture which features and celebrates indigenous music and dance, the hibiscus plant (Zobo) is used in three ways, as a paint, in its droplets liquid form and the dried purple Zobo leaf on its own.

Food art



Coke Art

Here, she used coke to create a bottle of coca cola art and also a fro

Food artFood art



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