Meet Oluyinka Olutoye, Nigerian Doctor Who Led In The Baby Born Twice Surgery

Oluyinka Olutoye was involved in the ground breaking surgery of a baby who was born twice in Texas Hospital, U.S

The baby was born once for life-saving surgery and again when she was full term. He mum discovered that her daughter had a rapidly growing tumour growing out of her tailbone which was robbing her baby’s blood supply.

At 23 weeks, the mum underwent surgery for heart failure and the baby was removed from the uterus for a five-hour surgery to remove the tumour. She was placed back inside to finish growing and was born at 36 weeks.

The most interesting thing about the whole thing is that the doctor who led the group of  doctors to operate on the baby is a Nigerian – Dr Oluyinka Olutoye.

Dr Olutoye is an alumnus of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife and he was the valedictorian of his 1988 graduating class at the Obafemi Awolowo University Medical School.

He is married to Olutoyin Olutoye who is also a doctor, and their union is blessed with two children.

Oluyinka Olutoye


Photo: Baylor College of Medicine


He together with Dr Darrel Cass, led 20 other doctors to perform the ground breaking surgery itself.

Oluyinka Olutoye


Photo: Baylor College of Medicine

In 1996, he obtained a PhD in anatomy from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Afterwards, he went on to finish his residency in general surgery at the Medical College of Virginia Hospitals, Virginia Commonwealth University.

He has a lot of awards to his credit of which include: Houston’s Top Docs for Kids,  Academy of Distinguished Educators, Molecular Surgeon Research Achievement Award amidst others.

Nigerians are proud of you!

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