Meet The Unknown Sons Of Bollywood Comedians

Hindi film industry has some of the globe’s renowned artists, who have given a novel track to the movie world with their recital.

Here is the list of dashing sons of the superb Bollywood biggies the audiences are unaware of:

Yashvardan Ahuja: Superstar Govinda has worked in a number of films in his career and has given a number of hits. He has provided a new point of view to the movies from his presentations. But Govinda’s son Yashvardan Ahuja is away from all the limelight at the moment.

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Malhar Patekar: Malhar Patekar is the son of Indian superstar and comedian Nana Patekar.

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Kayoze Boman Irani: Kayoze Boman Irani is an Indian star who worked in a few Hindi films. He is the son of superb actor Boman Irani.

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Aarav Kumar: Superstar Akshay Kumar has delivered a number of hits in his career and he has donned many roles too. He is one of the most successful actors at the moment. But his dashing son Aarav Kumar is presently keeping himself away from public interest.

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Aditya Rawal: Each and every role donned by Paresh Rawal has been loved and praised by his hoards of buffs all over the world. And Paresh Rawal’s son Aditya Rawal is presently completing his studies.

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Siddhanth Kapoor: Well known superstar Shakti Kapoor has donned a number of characters in his flicks. He has worked in over 700 films. And his loving son Siddhanth Kapoor has entered the film worked in recent times.

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Jessey Lever: Johnny Lever has delivered a number of hits in his career. He is loved by one and all as he has excellent comic timing and matchless performance. However, his son Jessey Lever is away from the world of cinema.

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Well, how many more would you like to add to this list?

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