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Lahore: Urdu is the first online finance and mobile app have been made to introduce. ‘Urdu thysars’ editor app called Musharraf Ali Farooqi, according to a statement issued by the app developers have developed over five years and is designed for educational purposes. Almost 40 thousand more than 20 thousand sets of synonyms of words and phrases can be searched through the website and app hy.msrf Ali Farooqi numbers in the months and years to come will be to further enhance the science, law, business and the tools to create the bilingual dictionaries to other areas of life will be increased antonyms, idioms and proverbs, and be able to work on complex projects into the Urdu language Dani better ga.bcun to be introduced in the ga.byan thysars that Urdu is the outdoor capital without a muff Education app manufacture of personal effort. This free app will allow users to search e-mail and data and share through social media. Synonyms for will be the leading share any errors or accuracy will increase the Edit option in the app or directly e-mail the editorial board be able gy.ardu thysars Urdu scholar tribute Instead, certain Member , Mohammad Saleem Mazhar Mahmood Rahman and move. In a Twitter message to this effect has been provided for this app’s website and Facebook address. Similarly, you can go to Google Play Store on Android phones Ed.
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