This mobile game play is forbidden to drink alcohol, causing severe was the judgment of Tehelka Mobile Game of the world’s most prestigious institutions in the world

Cairo (IANS) issued a fatwa against Egypt’s prestigious Al-Azhar Islamic Institute of the leading mobile phone game “Pokemon Go” has forbidden it. Website The report said the deputy head of Al-Azhar Abbas, Simon “The game play is as un-Islamic, as are alcohol, that was forbidden in Islam. The game play is how gyrmhsus extremely negative impact on the human mind and prayer is putting the payment of other obligations. “
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Abbas Simon through the definition of modern man has been able to do more work in less labor and short time, but he said that some technology that the Inspector carried on so himself in his work and worship recklessly takes advantage. “the Pokémon Although Egypt is still not available to users. The Japan game company Nintendo (Nintendo) is to find a Pokemon game for iPhone and Android, which is designed for mobile phones mobile phone camera at real locations.
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