Most Common Parental Misconceptions

Parents say that all children are equal to them but unknowingly they neglect to pay too much attention to one of their children and ignore others. What is the reason and what is the reason for this mistake? Forms:
Children are an invaluable gift to parents. Parents dedicate every moment of their lives to their children’s future and happiness.
Their engagements and their leisure time are all for the children. But the heart of the parents is deeply shocked when the children come back and say what the parents have done for them. These are ungrateful and selfish phrases. Only children who do not value the love and sacrifices of their parents pay.

In contrast, there are some children who are really neglected by their parents.

Busy parents On the one hand, parents who prefer to give time and love to their children, sometimes they make this mistake unknowingly.
Of course, for parents, all children are the same. They give the same love to all. But it is also very important to be aware of the psychology of children. Unfortunately, we are neglecting this important point.
The psychology of children is that they want the full attention and special love of that person. They love him themselves. Parents often discriminate against their children against their will.
Usually parents love the older child more than the first child so parents are also more sensitive to him. Because of the closeness, the parent’s love for the other child is lessened.
Every word of the first child is imprinted in their mind as a stronger memory. They compare every word of the second child with the first child. The first child is older than his siblings so the parents also have responsibilities on him. He puts more. He also gives him more freedom. In this way other children get the feeling that their parents love him more.
In most homes, the youngest child is the center of most parental love.
Since this child is the youngest of the other children, the parents caress him more. Most of the parents carry the small children in their arms from the age of five to six years. In conflicts, parents also support the young child. Due to this behavior of the parents, the rest of the children become sensitive and the idea takes place in their heart that the parents love them less.

The only child is also the light of the parents. Where the son is alone or the daughter is the same, the parents give him more pampering because he is alone. They deprive their other siblings of their rights.

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