Four Nigerian Cities Among Most Polluted in The World, Says WHO

Many cities in Nigeria are full of environment pollution, no surprise two of these cities are the top and fidth most dirties in the world according to WHO 

Most Polluted cities  in The World 2016

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In a list of twenty most polluted cities in the world 2016, four of it had to come from Nigeria and that’s 20% of the list making it the highest country with most polluted cities. That’s a big shame and serious concern for the Ministry of Environment in Nigeria.

According a report published by the World Economic Forum, four cities in Nigeria, Onitsha (1st) Kaduna (5th), Aba (6th), and Umuahia (16th) made this list.

Most Polluted cities  in The World 2016

According to the report,

“Of the 3,000 cities in the WHO’s air quality database, the most polluted at the time of measurement was Onitsha, a fast-growing city in Nigeria, which recorded roughly 30 times more than the WHO’s recommended levels of PM10 particles. Peshawar in Pakistan was in second place, followed by Zabol in Iran.”


Onitsha, Anambra State



Kaduna, Kaduna State



Aba, Abia State



Umuahia, Abia State



What do you think should be done to reduce environmental pollution in Nigeria?
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