MSNBC Anchor: “An Assault Rifle Is Different Than A Gun”

For those who aren’t aware of it, an “assault rifle” is indeed a rifle, which the word “gun” encompasses. Of course Stephanie Ruhle isn’t even talking about actual assault rifles, she’s talking about semi-automatic rifles, which are commonplace and yes they are extensively used for hunting.

Actual “assault rifles” are already restricted and are almost never used in crimes.

And for those who keep pushing the line that there were “no automatic weapons” in the 1791, there were. There were also cannon back then, which have always been ‘restricted’ although civilians can own them. But they too were not excluded from ownership by citizens.

So there’s more guns than ever, both in total and per capita, and yet the murder rate keeps falling… the exact opposite of Gun-Grabber theory! And a lot more analysis at the link.


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