Muslim actors with Hindu names in Bollywood

Mumbai (blogger4zero) If you think that only Dilip Kumar was the only Muslim actor who changed his Muslim name to Hindu in the film industry, then your information is wrong. Meanwhile, Indian actress Armila Matundkar slammed BJP leader Arun Yadav for making a statement on the death of Dilip Kumar, a well-known actor from the subcontinent.
Arun Yadav had said that Muhammad Yusuf Khan (Dilip Kumar) made money and fame in the film world by using Hindu names. However, there are other Muslim stars in the Indian film industry who changed their real names to Hindu names. If Dilip Kumar is the king of Indian film industry, then Meena Kumari is the queen of this industry.

Mah Jabeen (Meena Kumari) was born in 1933 in Mumbai.

In 1939, at the request of film director Vijay Bhatt, the actress changed her name to ‘Baby Meena’, but later changed her name to ‘Meena Kumari’. Mumtaz Jahan Dehlavi (Madhu Bala) I was born. He was called ‘Madhu Bala’ because of his beauty and unique style. Madhu Bala was one of the most beautiful actresses of her time.
Shah Abbas Khan started his film career with ‘Dosti’, ‘Haqeeqat’ and ‘Dus Lakh’. Initially he was known as ‘Khan’ but soon after he became known as ‘Sanjay’. The real name of the Muslim actor who played the role of ‘Arjun’ in BR Chopra’s production ‘Maha Bharata’ is Feroz. Khan was. Mahabharata’s success helped her make a name for herself on screen and the actress became known as ‘Arjun’.
Comedian Jagdeep’s real name was Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jafari. He started his film career in 1951 in BR Chopra’s film ‘Afsana’. The actor showed the essence of acting in more than 400 films but changed his name at the request of film director Bimal Rai. Zakaria Khan (Jayant) was born in 1915 in Peshawar to a Pakhtun family.
Zakaria Khan started his career in 1935 with the film ‘Lal Cheeta’. The actor changed his name at the behest of Vijay Bhatt and became known as Jayant. Zakaria Khan is the father of well-known actor Amjad Khan. During the production of the film ‘Innocent’, producer Arnath named actor Hamid Ali Khan ‘Ajit’. Hamid Ali Khan made a name for himself in the film industry as Ajit.

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