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Guar beans are available in the market these days. The older generation eats it with gusto, but the newer generation does not like it. It is also called Bhat Pahli. Small beans are called Bastani and very hard wild. Researchers in Western countries It has been acknowledged that soft and refined foods do have good color and good taste, but since they do not contain fiber, they slow down the bowels and cause constipation and thus accumulate toxic substances in the body. And then these toxic substances continue to cause various diseases.

Here we would like to pay tribute to the wisdom and thoughtfulness of our physicians, who took into account the human body’s ability to digest and absorb in the preparation of medicines. The delicate medicinal components of yeast are rapidly absorbed into the blood and body. When healing equipment was involved, the fibers of the medicine were not finely chopped in the preparation of the gourds, so that the medicine remained in the stomach and intestines for a long time and its healing ingredients were well absorbed to keep the intestinal function awake. ۔

Guar beans are now counted among the most important dietary fiber in the West, and experiments, like those of our physicians, have convinced them that the peel and seeds of this bean keep the body clean of waste products and improve colon function. Eating this bean stops the waste in the large intestine and does not rot and its fibers wrap and remove harmful ingredients.

It is a common observation and experience that every person feels light after defecation and the heart and arteries are cleansed of toxins, so the liver produces healthy blood and strengthens the body’s immune system.
Research on guar beans has shown that eating them also lowers high blood sugar levels and reduces the burden of making more insulin on the pancreas, so most diabetics Guar beans were cooked with bong or fish meat and eaten with whole grain bread.

According to doctors, since the taste of guar beans is warmer, it can be improved by adding a little bit of yoghurt and green coriander while cooking. In most homes, guar beans are boiled and cooked. This is not a good idea. If soft fresh beans are bought for cooking, they do not need to be boiled.
Swallow the guar beans well, cook them deliciously and chew them with gusto, this way you will be protected from colon cancer, diabetes mellitus and constipation. It contains proteins and other proteins. Nutrients will also supply health and energy.

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