Must Watch: Behind-The-Scenes Look At Alicia Keys’ Short Film About Refugees

Back in June, Alicia Keys released a short film that focuses on the topic of refugees, titled Let Me In.

Alicia Keys- Refugees

Alicia keys- Refugee

By setting this story on American soil and showing a family fleeing from the U.S. to Mexico, viewers are encouraged to think about refugees and immigration from a different perspective.

The film also features the artist’s latest song, “Hallelujah.”

And in this exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the making of the powerful film, we learn more about how it all came together.

“I think that people really start to understand things more clearly when we look at it in relation to our own lives,” Keys explains in the video. “I think it really shows you how … in a moment, your life can totally change.”

Alicia Keys- Hallelujah

“So many people who become refugees are just like me, just like you, just like us. They’re doctors, they’re teachers, they’re lawyers, they’re people with careers and dreams and lives and families.”

Alicia Keys- Refugee

Alicia Keys went on to say that “silence is violence,” and we should all use our voices to speak up about injustices around the world.

“We don’t want to see these things happening. We don’t want to turn on the news and feel so helpless. We don’t want to feel like…the world is going on around us and we don’t have any say in how to fix it and change it, because we do. Silence is violence. If we don’t choose to be a part of the change then we’re a part of the problem.”

You can watch the full short film here:

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