Mustard greens Cornbread

Man is addicted to delicious food. He wants all kinds of food to be eaten every day. It should be cooked for his loved ones and Hazrat Man spent centuries exploring the taste. It is not possible to leave the rituals and customs. In modern times, the food of Chinese, Continental, Arabic and other regions is not less popular but the indigenous taste of the food created in the traditions of centuries is not forgotten.
Foreign food always reminds us of the beauty and flavor of these traditional foods. It starts to do, that is, the charm of fragrances is mixed in the soft gentle breezes of the morning.

On the one hand mustard crop is ready and on the other hand sugarcane crop is also ready.

Sugarcane juice is the national drink of Pakistan. It is also used to cook sweet rice in seraiki and apple. If so, it will not be unnecessary.
What could be a greater blessing in the world than the love of a mother and the pleasures of food cooked by her hands? Will
In this way, the appetite becomes even brighter. The identity of Punjab, the delicious traditional food of this place, especially the aroma of mustard greens and cornbread, adds to the appetite and the appetite increases.
History of greens
People have been familiar with sag for more or less centuries. This sag is made from mustard plant and its leaves. Oil is extracted from this mustard.
Mustard greens have been a staple food in rural Punjab. In rural households, men and women who work in the fields need steel strength. Lucy, desi ghee, butter and buttermilk became so popular that even city dwellers could not stay away from its pleasures.
Nutritional value
Rich in plant protein, this diet is also gluten free.
In addition to iron, there is a large amount of chlorophyll. It should be thoroughly washed before cooking and added to it along with dill greens and a small amount of spinach to make it taste good. Instead, it is cooked by adding garlic, ginger and green chillies and boiling in low water, it should be chopped like mild or grinded in a grinder and then mixed with corn flour to prove red chillies, garlic with ginger and white cumin. Is taken.
Thus, Vitamin A, C and Lutein are found in abundance. In addition, folic acid, vitamin E, dietary fiber and potassium are also present, so eating vegetables can strengthen the brain as well as prevent the risk of stomach and intestinal cancer. It is possible to prevent heart disease by eating garlic. Eating greens reduces the need for insulin in the body. Ginger improves the digestive system. Vitamin C is a part of the body along with chillies. However, greens are the best food in all respects.

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