Myna Mahila’s founder Suhani Jalota meets Queen Elizabeth II, to be a part of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding

In India, women are achieving all that they have not been allowed to achieve so far, while on the other hand, less developed parts, women struggle to even finish their primary education. This has caused a severe lack of awareness among them, especially regarding their health.

Suhani Jalota working towards women empowerment in India even after studying Economics in the US. She not only spread health awareness among underprivileged women but also helped them to get educated, sustain their lives and bring the real power in the hands of the ladies. Since 15 years old she was volunteering towards this good work and found her own NGO called Myna Mahila Foundation at a young age of 23.

And when we thought she achieved a lot let us tell you, she has met Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and also been invited to the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – all because of her contribution towards uplifting the women.

Jalota told, her foundation works towards empowering women to speak about issues- they are most afraid to discuss aloud “just like the chatty Myna bird”.

Further sharing about her NGO and how she met Meghan Markle, Jalota said, “We employ women from urban slums in Mumbai to manufacture and sell affordable sanitary pads back into their communities, improving menstrual hygiene, providing stable employment”.

“Meghan Markle had heard about it and when we met, she really liked the idea of spreading menstrual hygiene awareness among women and equipping them with nominal rate sanitary pads made by women, and for women”.

After Jalota meeting with Meghan Markle, the Myna Mahila Foundation being selected as one of the 7 charitable organizations that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose to gave away their wedding gifts and funds and for all her work. She said, “The Royal couple has decided that the guests who wish to gift them anything can donate the amount worth the gift for a noble cause. They have given us a platform so huge, I am extremely grateful that we were chosen for this”. Meghan later also visited one of her workshops in Mumbai and watched the women making low-cost sanitary pads themselves.

Informing about her latest venture in NGO she told, “Currently, Myna is tackling the very issue of menstrual hygiene management at its roots. Working within Mumbai’s slum dwellers communities, Myna is helping to raise awareness around menstruation and in bringing affordable sanitary products directly to the women in need”.

Adding to the Low-cost sanitary pads, she said, “Myna is able to reach out to women who would usually not step out of their house, out of shame among other reasons, to go buy pads at a nearby chemist and start the conversation to break the taboo about periods”.

Suhana Jalota has been providing a lot to these women and had taken a very needy initiative which will help women who do not get the sanitary pads to use and gone through many health issues.

You go Suhana!

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