Names Nigerians Call Different Parts of Beef

Nigerians are foodies, no part of a beef is waste!

Don’t blame Nigerians for not leaving any left over when they eat, its due to the harsh economic conditions many Nigerians face, we cannot afford to be wasteful life when it comes to food and  money. Some even say Nigerians have tightened hands, let them say…

This our “waste not, want not” attitude even extends to meat (all forms of red meat). From the hide to the offals, every part of cow, goat, ram, sheep etc is consumed here.

Here we have some amazing names Nigerian call different part of beef;

#1.  Fuku

This refers to an animal’s lungs. Chicken and all other birds are excluded from this category. This meat belongs to the what the Yorubas call “Orishirishi” and the Igbos call “afa anu.”

Boiled, fried or even grilled, Fuku is one part of meat we all enjoy eating.

Names Nigerians Call Different Parts of Beef

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