Are you nervous? How to calm your mind in 60 seconds

Stress and anxiety are something that is pretty much inevitable these days. However there is a very easy way to confront it and avoid it in future situations.

The rapid pace of your everyday life influences in a way that at least couple times a day you get frustrated about trivial things – buses running late, traffic jams, rude cashiers, etc… Not to mention the financial or business problems. Some people don’t mind it, but some people remain annoyed all day. When you are in a stressful situation, you should do something, easy as breathing itself.

As a matter of fact – it is breathing. With deep breaths you can drive away negative vibrations and clear your head. It sounds simple, it is simple, but that does not mean it does not work. Try it, and see for yourself.


Try to inhale and exhale deeply through the nose. With this you purify, heat and humidify the air. It is best to lie down in a comfortable position. Slowly get comfortable with your leg muscles, hips, stomach, chest, arms and neck.

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Then focus your attention on your breathing and relaxation. When you relax, breathe, allowing your stomach to go up. Then slowly exhale and let your belly go in. Make 10 deep breaths. Apply this exercise twice a day for a week. After that, whenever you feel that you need it.

Breathing this way keeps you focused and is refining your mind and body.

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