New Free earning Sites, Earn 10$ to 20$ Without investment

Low entry threshold

The platform that gives a possibility to build a balanced income in just two mouse clicks. We invest in traditional financial markets and cryptocurrencies and you can start from just $5.02

Transparent statistics

Each user’s investment in investment products will be recorded in blockchain, proving that it is real and belong to this particular user. Look for our paidout page on the left.03

Hourly accruals

WeRise will give everyone access to the world of investments. Users are able to build their own investment portfolio and receive profits in a matter of hours.



Each person will be able to invest starting from $5 in investment products that are only available to big institutional players, qualified investors, millionaires and funds. The parity of investment opportunities is the core of our concept.

Investors will be able to take advantage of automation rather than having to constantly monitor all these factors in order to time the market right.

Combined with AI-driven services, the interconnectedness of blockchains allowed us for the creation of a program that can automatically execute trades based on a multiple of market factors and not just the events concerning one blockchain or cryptocurrency. And so, together we rise!

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