See the diet chart of Miss World Manushi Chhillar that helps her maintain a Perfect hourglass figure

Miss India Manushi Chillar has made every person in India proud after being crowned as Miss World 2017.  It took literally 17 long years to get back the Miss World title to India after Priyanka Chopra achieved the stunt back in 2000. Coming to Manushi Chillar, she got a perfect hourglass figure and everyone is so very envious of it. If you are wondering what she takes in her diet in the morning sessions, then you must read this personal article about her.

Arushi Verma, Co-Founder, FITPASS, and celebrity nutritionist Nmami Agarwal, who is also the fitness guru of Miss India World 2017 Manushi Chhillar, reveals the secrets on how to maintain a perfect figure through proper workouts as well as proper diet.  Take a look at her suggestions.

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Don’t skip first meal of the day

The top nutritionist suggests not skipping the first meal of the day. She says that skipping breakfast enhances the hunger pangs by the end of the day resulting in some serious health issues later in time.

Eat regular meals in smaller portions

She suggests eating regular meals in smaller portions. This helps to reduce the craving for snack foods that are high in fat and sugar.

Avoid sugar

Avoid sugar; make sure to avoid refined sugar especially.

Early morning

Drink two to three glasses of water.


Take plain yogurt with oatmeal or wheat flakes. Also eat fresh fruits and seeds or two to three egg whites with avocado, carrot, beets and sweet potato.


Coconut water and fruits


Quinoa/rice/chapati with a bowl of vegetables and shredded chicken/lentils.


Unsalted nuts, fruit or banana, and fig smoothie.


Chicken/fish with sauteed vegetables (broccoli/carrots/beans/mushrooms/beets).

Fitness regimen

Coming to the fitness regime, the fitness guru suggests:

Practice regular yoga

She suggests practicing yoga regularly to maintain perfect posture. Yoga keeps body toned and increases flexibility.


To warm-up, the entire body, the best workout to perform is twisting. It strengthens the body, detoxes and tones the body to the core.  If you love cardio, then you are at the benefit.


Squats are very important to maintain a good figure. They are not just meant for legs, but also for the whole body. Squats strengthen muscles, improves circulation and also reduces cellulite.

Go for a run

Go for a run whenever you get time. You can also shake your leg on your favorite number to get rid of that extra flab.

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