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Nigerian Celebrities Biography: Rachael Tabuno Oniga

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Rachael Tabuno Oniga (Rachael Oniga)’ Biography



Born on May 23, 1957 in Delta State, Rachael Oniga is a veteran Nollywood actress of both Yoruba and English genres. Though she was part of the early generation of Nigerian actresses, Racheal was not really recognized until she debut in the bluckbluster film titled Owo Blow. It was around that time that she also produced Onome, her first movie. But before this time, the Nigerian Nollywood superstar once worked at a Deutch Consultant firm by the name, Ascoline Nigeria Limited serving as a Computer Programmer and later Assistant to the Director of the company. Still Racheal did not become a household name until she took part in the widely credited movie Sango. Since then her career as an actress became full-blown. She also features in an ongoing television soap opera, Super Story, produced by Wale Adenuga. Racheal has featured in over 150 movies as a cast, director and producer.

Education: Racheal Oniga attended Primary Princess Girls School, Lagos and Our Lady of Lords Grammar School.

Popular Roles: Mother, a wicked mother-in-law, sister, matron are usually Racheal Oniga’s popular roles.

Breakout Movie including year released:

  • Onome (1993)
  • Owo Blow (1997)

Popular Movies including year released:

  • Onome (1993)
  • Sango (1998)
  • Oduduwa (2000)
  • Prisoner of Love (1999)

Recent Movies including year released: John Bosco in American (2015)


  • (Best English Actress) 1995 THEMA Awards
  • (Best Yoruba Actress) 1996 THEMA Awards


Rachael Oniga who married her husband in 1984 divorced him in 1993 when he married another wife. In an interview with YES International Magazine, she disclosed her pains during those years, relishing the beautiful times she and the father of her three children used to spend together until another woman came into his life. Racheal holds the belief that this woman was the one who ruined the love between her and her now late husband through charm. She believed that the said woman could not have been allowed into her husband’s life with the peace and tranquillity enjoyed in their marriage then except through crooked means such as the use of juju. Also, when asked in another interview if she would like to remarry, the award-winning actress said ‘No’, that she no longer needed a man in her life.

Social Profiles:

  • Rachael Oniga’s Facebook: Racheal Oniga
  • Rachael Oniga’s Twitter: @rachealoniga25
  • Rachael Oniga’s Youtube:
  • Rachael Oniga’s Instagram: @racheloniga
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