Nigeria’s Urez Kulture Presents The Look Book For Their Cruise Collection

Urez Kulture  latest Look book focuses on a Cruise Collection.

The popular designer also provided more information on the collection for those who are new to Cruise collections.

“Many shoppers unfamiliar with the rigid fashion calendar may be unaware of the importance of the cruise collections.

A cruise collection sometimes also referred to as holiday or travel collection (collection croisière, in French), is an inter-season or pre-season line of ready-to-wear clothing/accessories produced by a fashion house or fashion brand in addition to the recurrent twice-yearly seasonal collections.
Sandwiched between winter and spring, and so called after customers who holiday during the colder winter months, the collections have a practical use for all shoppers looking for something new after the winter, but before the delivery of the spring collections
Originally meant for wealthy customers or “more seasoned jet-setters” going on cruises, these days, they are targeted at customers who are through buying their fall wardrobes and are looking ahead to vacations. It fills that transitional period from January onwards where people are looking to update their wardrobes but aren’t ready to wear spring collections yet. The Cruise woman understands dressing for the season and is well travelled.”



Photo: Emmanuel Oyeleke



Photo: Emmanuel Oyeleke



Photo: Emmanuel Oyeleke



Photo: Emmanuel Oyeleke



Photo: Emmanuel Oyeleke



Photo: Emmanuel Oyeleke


Accessory Designer:
Urez Kulture | @UrezKulture
Makeup: Belle Bedazzled | @belle_bedazzled
Photography: Emmanuel Oyeleke Photography @emmanueloyeleke
Model: Oluchi Onuigbo | @oluchionuigbo

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