''Nobody is ever just a refugee, Nobody is ever just a single thing'' Chimamanda Adichie

Award winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie spoke on the refugee crisis at the United Nation’s World Humanitarian day last week.

“Nobody is ever just a refugee, Nobody is ever just a single thing. And yet, in the public discourse today, we often speak of people as a single a thing. Refugee. Immigrant.” 

In my language, Igbo, the word for ‘love’ is ‘ifunanya’ and its literal translation is, ‘to see.’ So I would like to suggest today that this is a time for a new narrative, a narrative in which we truly see those about whom we speak.

 Let us tell a different story. Let us remember that the movement of human beings on earth is not new. Human history is a history of movement and mingling. Let us remember that we are not just bones and flesh. We are emotional beings. We all share a desire to be valued, a desire to matter. Let us remember that dignity is as important as food.”  Chimamanda parents were refugee during the biafran war…
 Watch the video from here speech here;
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