novaPDF standard allows you to create PDF files from any printable document, including emails, MS Office documents, text, web pages. It works as a printer driver and you can print from any Windows application that supports printing – just set novaPDF Lite as the default printer and the document will be converted and saved as PDF file.

To download NOVAPDF STANDARD 9 you click one of these links:


  • 3B4E-CDDE-000D-0483-D86D-8473-C81D-2A1A
  • 9C86-4483-C5E0-2FE4-6E0C-95EF-14DB-C3E4
  • 9585-4B09-589A-91D0-4BDE-80DE-689B-CED2
  • 09A4-E764-A516-863C-3265-495E-4957-C584

If these keys don’t work, you can get new key here

To activate your copy of novaPDF Standard just follow these steps:

1. Open novaPDF
2. The Activate application window will appear and you need to press “Already bought” button. If you previously used the trial, you need to open the activation window by going to Start and searching for “novaPDF Printer Manager”. Once that’s opened, go to the About window and click on “Enter product key”.
3. In the “Activation” window, you need to enter the “Product key” mentioned below. For “Name” you can use any name you like (i.e. your name, company name, computer name).

Features of novaPDF

  • Bookmarks are recognized and included in the resulting PDF
  • Your PDF can contain active PDF links (clickable)
  • Can be installed and used as a shared network PDF printer
  • You can watermark PDFs with text/images
  • Password protect the PDF or restrict copy/paste Overlay and/or merge PDF files
  • You can create linearized PDF files (optimized for web) – Digitally sign PDFs

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