One In Three People Have Casual Sex With An Ex While Home For Holidays — Good Idea?


You may be hoping to re-kindle your relationship with an ex when you travel home for the holidays, but is that a recipe for disaster?

A new survey conducted by Trojan Brand Condoms, found that “three in five (60%) singles ages 18 to 24 say they are likely to have casual sex when home for the holidays.” What’s more, one in three said that sex would happen with an ex! Over 80 percent said it’s important to use condoms with their partner, especially if they have not seen them in a while. Guys, are you serious? That number should be 100 percent! Condoms are super important!

The study found that there are three main reasons why people want to have sex with someone when they are home for the holidays — they are looking for something fun to do, they are looking for some company, or they are looking for a distraction. The “three most thrilling things about having sex when home for the holidays” are that there is no strings attached, you’re doing it in secret and you’re reuniting with an old fling.

Well, to be sure there are no “strings attached,” we don’t recommend hooking up with an ex you still have feelings for unless you’re planning on having a real conversation about getting back together. Otherwise, that fun hookup could end in heartbreak. And don’t count that it will remain a secret. Holiday parties have a lot of alcohol, and people love to gossip — your news of a reunion could become the talk of the town. So think before you jump into bed!

HollywoodLifers, would you hook up with an ex over the holidays?

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