Onions… Power’s invaluable gift

The onion in Arabic says whereas in English is called ONION. Pias are famous worldwide. Everyone is aware of it. There are some types of this. Each type is equal .This is an invaluable donation of power in white and red colors. The spices are used when it is cooked.
As you are mixed in the vinegar. The hardness is also prepared and is also eaten as salad. The seeds of the glass are black and very small. Onions and seeds are used in the medicine. Pias are protein, salts, phosphorus and vitamins B, E and G.
Its mood is hot and dry.

Actually onion is the blessing of Allah that when the people of Israel came to eat the people of Israel, they used to see Moses, Moses and garlic from Moses.

People were not aware of the importance of onion at the beginning. When the vitamin jail detected in the onions after research, it was also a useful scholar and successful diet. It can be cooked as a vegetable. The amount of food is two oily. The old governments of medicine have written many benefits of onions. Put the onions for the vomiting and healing in the semi-hot condition to tie on the place of Mala.
In the state of unconsciousness, he will consciously come to consciousness, he will be conscious. It is useful for patients with special option.
The juice and honey is comfortable. In order to use the onion water (25 ml) with 1 toilet lime water. In the world, you should make syrup of onion juice and water Onion, honey and three three are useful to feed weight.
In addition to giving the meat to two times, the meat is more powerful. The meat is more powerful. It helps to make a circle. This is also a germination. If the peel is spread on the floor, then all the germs are killed Let’s go. The ears are cleaned by dripping in ears and strengthens the hearing.
Human face becomes red and the face of the face disappears by eating onions in proper quantity.
Take the oil to put on the top of the oil, and keep onions on the top. When burnt, the green leaves of the seminary are burnt. Mix a towel wax, just murmur. Heat from the juice of juice The grain and palm are absolutely reflected. If you are tired on the birds, then it is cooked and tastes them soon and it is healthy. Eating with fat and lungs with food and lungs. The material is expelled and the breast is cleaned. The juice of onion in the al-mu’minin (asthma), honey one pao soda bikarb, mix three, three times. Using a spoon to use a spoon. Is.

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