Online University Syrian refugees would give free education

Because of the civil war in Syria are forced to leave their country is an online university announced that 500 Syrian refugees free admission to degree courses. To provide for the ‘University of the welfare goals of the People, the People’s University in the US state of California. The goal of the university to study those opportunities that are academically qualified, but to study have no financial backing. According to the university’s founder and chief sayy rsyf ‘are no better purpose of the invention are made from authentic degree in skta.’yurnyursty of the People and the students scattered in 180 countries around the world B speaking of the university was founded sayy rsyf that we are opening the doors of higher education to the people. We are an alternative for people who have no alternative, such as the Rwanda genocide victims or the Syrians. “You’ll see it the next Einstein University in ga.sayy rsyfamrykh in Zimbabwe those who have been declared not to enroll in the absence of illegally staying relevant papers in the country and the institutions that provide opportunities to get free admission to the courses of refugees dyty.samy the fee is usually about four thousand dollars hy.yurnyursty The chief said “shelter is not entitled to receive any more refugees and education. Those who have lost everything. Many of these people will not be able to return to his homeland and said the founder of their upcoming generations asylum seekers be gy.’yurnyursty that the education they change their condition and integrate new communities can help the hy.’yurnyursty with the intention to generate more support for refugees from the Middle East also plans to teach subjects in Arabic. Sayy rsyf plan to expand its university is the University of the founding of the People, the main objective is to help them to establish a university degree not possible for them otherwise hy.say rsyf online another major cause is that the civil procedure to be affected in the future of higher education said limited resources from around the world, unlike traditional education online education programs for students from the beginning of the line easily can access hyn.pypl According to the founder of the university as if the backward areas, eg universities open their doors to the people of Africa we see a flood of creativity gy.sayy rsyf kybqul, you will see that the next Einstein will be born in Zimbabwe

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