Only Women With Small Feet Can Relate To These 15 Things

15 Things Women With Small Feet Can Relate To

If you’re a woman with small legs, then you must have found yourself (one time or the other) in any of these situations.

Highlighted below are compilations of what you come across when you have a small leg size. Enjoy them.

  1. 1
  1. When you’re comparing your feet with a kid’s, knowing fully well that they’ll soon have the same size as yours.

small feet

  1. Check the back3


  1. When your friends makes fun of you by comparing their feet with yours.5


  1. ‘One size fits all’ indeed.



  1. When the same thi8ng happens everywhere, even in the spa.9
  1. 10
  2. When you tell your homies you’re in the kids’ corner of the mall and they question what the hell you’re doing there.11


  1. When you find yourself shopping in the kids’ corner of the mall


  1. What happens when your sister goes shopping without taking you along.


  1. This is what you see each time you look down.


Source: buzzfeed


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