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These are summer days and everyone prefers to stay at home on these days. In these circumstances, if you decorate your house with beautiful paint, the summer will go well and you will feel comfortable sitting in the room. It is often said that rooms with white, cream and brown walls look great and are colors that you are never tired of.
Due to this general impression, interior decorators often avoid dark colors. Black is avoided in homes. However, black is effective in many ways, it can create warmth in the room. Can be used to frame around an artwork and on the sides of an open window.

Black can also be used to make wood flooring more beautiful.

White color
The color white is unique. And it comes to the fore when it is used with black or any other strong color. It is just like lipstick enhances the color of your face. ۔
Black, white, yellow
It’s a magical trio that energizes the room, especially when you choose dark, bright and warm yellow.
Before painting the wall, paint the desired color on a piece of paper with a rough deep pencil 8.5×11 inches. Then, by pasting this paper on the wall, feel the effects on the environment and nature of the room. You will definitely not want to let this scheme go.
Each room has its own color
Take care to give each room of the house its strong identity and specific color.
The color blue is very pleasing to nature. Blue is a polite, modern as well as very calm and poetic temperament, especially when used with black. Pay special attention to one thing. Pay special attention to the corners of the color and the finish. If the end result is less than brilliant, then it can be the best way to get rid of the wall.

The choice of colors that adorn each other is a light pink color, if used as an accent color it can give amazing results when combined with a deep turquoise color. Pink color represents excellence and softness It represents love for all and for oneself. In contrast, the gemstone is emerald, turquoise in color, which is considered a symbol of class, uniqueness and high taste.

From dark to light
This is another great way to decorate your room with a color combination. Take the room vertically, start with a light color from the ceiling and gradually use darker colors as you reach the floor. For example, after applying a cream color to the ceiling. Use wood panels in the ceiling to give it contrast. Choose light dark shades of green, blue and deeper shades on the floor, using a little darker color on the walls.
Paint a white broad pattern design on the floor to give it contrast.
Black, white, gold
Always the choice. Black and white combo is never out of fashion. Paint white on the wall in the background, draw a nature design with black on it. Going one step further, pasted on the wall and Use metallic gold color on the accessories placed along the wall.

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