Paracetamol, Panadol and was closely linked to infertility in men, if the father desires to become Do not use this medicine at the same time

NEW YORK (K) paracetamol, which is sold in the name of our pynadul, yes it is widely used, but have been critical revealed in a recent scientific research that produces the drug, male infertility.
The United Kingdom’s National Institute of Health research paracetamol overdose during the infertility rate was found in the dead body was also found to be more. Stock valuation parameters can also be used without a prescription and everyone looks for relief from pain or fever that’s why.
If you chew nails too often they read the news, scientists had told the health benefits wondered what is not a concept Today
Researcher Dr. Melissa Samar said that there are any material due to the relatively high amount of paracetamol chemicals in food and the items included in the study men’s body plus paracetamol tablet paracetamol mixture produced in the body. Having more than 500 pairs during the fertility study and reviewed the use of paracetamol in them. Investigators say that the use of paracetamol during pregnancy women does not preclude, however, many drugs, and the ability to use sex fertility in men, especially before mixing decreased about 35 percent. This important research has been online journal “Human Reproduction” published.

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