Passionate Mother Elephant Spent 11 Hours Digging A hole, The Reason Is Shocking!

Elephants are Know to be one of the most intelligent, passionate and emotionally developed creatures in the animal kingdom. Their family bonds is exceptional, which is as strong and complex; just as the way we humans love and care for our loved ones. They even gather to morn the loss of any of their family member and that says a lot about their family values and intelligence.

This instinct led a mother Elephant to dig a massive hole for 11 hours. People gathered around in amazement to find out what she was up to, not long, they soon realised her reason, which made their hearts ached for this beautiful creature. She had a little baby, and not long before the incidence, the little one fell and slipped into a well and couldn’t get out. Like mothers will feel, she felt concern and started the rescue mission, and she wouldn’t stop until she save her precious baby.

Her efforts yielded no result as she knocked more mud into the hole by accident, further trapping the scared little one. But everything changed when a few locals gave her a helping hand.

After many pain staking hours, the two beautiful creaures  walked away from the scene unharm, but very tired and weary. Humans are usually considered as the most intelligent beings on the planet, This scenario show that we have things in common with other creatures than we think. Like any human mother, this elephant went to great lengths to rescue the one she loves most.What a happy ending….

Source: (Cater TV)

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