A perfect daily plan for weight loss

Losing weight does not necessarily mean torture, giving up favorite foods or hard training several times per week. Experts agree that the secret to weight loss is routine.

While eating healthier and exercising does take some work, it really doesn’t have to require heroic effort. You should make a few simple lifestyle changes, practice them every day and create a habit. The result of this habit will be healthy weight loss.

Here is the daily plan, which should become your habit!

6:00 – Immediately after waking go and have a glass of water. Eat half a banana, nuts or other foods rich in protein. After this do short training or stretching, at least for 20 minutes.

7:00 – Get back, take a shower and prepare healthy energy breakfast rich in fiber and protein. Do not be afraid to bring a little more carbohydrates in the morning, because during the day you have enough time to “burn” them.

8:00 – Before leaving for work, prepare your lunch. It should contain protein, fiber, whole grain cereals and fruit for dessert.

9:00 – Fill a bottle of water and drink it throughout the day while you work.

12:00 – Move! Use your break for a short walk with colleagues.


13:00 – Eat the lunch you prepared (with a glass of water).

14:00 – If you have an important phone conversation, do it while walking. Pick up the phone and complete the work while standing on your feet. Every 2 hours you should get up and move your body (short walk or a few simple standing exercises).

16:00 – Replace the second coffee with a cup of green tea. It reduces the feeling of hunger and accelerates the metabolism.

17:00 – When your work day is over, try to walk on the way home.

18:00 – Prepare low calorie dinner.

19:00 – While you are watching TV, make a few steps forward and sit-ups. Abs exercises are also welcomed.

22:00 – Go to bed and rest. Healthy sleep is the main precondition for thin line and weight loss.

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