Pollen allergy in spring

Spring is very pleasant in the months of March and April in our country. There is neither heat nor cold in these months. The enchanting fragrance of flowers is spread all over the gardens and parks. In the parks, children, old and young are seen rejoicing and walking and having fun.
Nature is full of joy and happiness. This spring season, while creating joy and happiness in nature, also increases the ability to act. For some people, this season also causes great pain.

These are the people who are allergic to the pollen of flowers. The immune system of these people is affected and they suffer from these problems, such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, sore throat, sneezing, watery eyes, difficulty in breathing. Occurs and coughs.

Although the duration of these symptoms is very short, it is very disturbing and painful.

There are some people who suffer from these problems all year round. Although the number of such people is very small, but in the last days of spring and autumn seasons more people suffer from it, it is called “pollen allergy” or It is called “allergic asthma”. Allergic asthma causes difficulty breathing due to allergies to certain substances due to the change of weather.
If the above mentioned symptoms appear and the patient feels discomfort due to the incompatibility of something, then this thing is called “allergen”. That is why it is called “pollen allergy”. In addition, some people get caught in respiratory problems due to dry weather, cold winds, environmental and air pollution.

In the spring season, landscapes of flowers, plants, and grass and vegetation all around are refreshing and refreshing to the eye. It escapes from flowers and plants and enters the atmosphere, affecting people with weakened immune systems and causing the aforementioned ailments.
In fact, Pollen Count is the amount of pollen in a cubic meter in the air.
In this season, on a day when there is a strong wind, the patients with pollen allergy should wear masks and go out of the house only for the most urgent work. On the day of high wind, these patients should keep the windows and doors of their rooms closed.

Such patients should eat yogurt because yogurt contains probiotics, which are beneficial to health. In addition, drinking ginger tea is also beneficial. Pollen allergy patient bed. Sheets and clothes should be washed regularly with warm water. Fresh neem leaves should be boiled and the nose should be washed thoroughly with lukewarm water or salted water, as is done during ablution.

A patient suffering from pollen allergy should take six grams of violet flower, six grams of fenugreek seeds and three grams of cinnamon, boil it in half a glass of water and filter it for 15 days. It will be of great benefit.

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