Prayer is The Answer You Need For Your Marriage to Suceed – Di’Ja

The Mavin Superstar speaks on how she managed to keep her marriage alive


In July this year, Mavins Records singer, Hadiza Blell, popularly known as Di’Ja surprised her fans when she posted a video which indicated she was married and had just given birth to a baby boy.

The mother of one was so discreet that she kept all information away from public domain.

The singer in a chat with LIB talks about her experience as a mother, why she had a low-keyed wedding amongst other issues.


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About being a mother and an artiste
(Laughs) Well, there are so many people that have done this before me, thousands and millions of them. So I think that the best thing to have is an amazing support system, when you have an amazing support system and you have people that are willing to work together with you, for your interest as well as theirs, it makes it a lot easier to get bye especially when you are doing stuff. I mean, I can’t tell you it’s been easy. I give my mom so much respect, I respect her so much already for the kind of support i get from her. it makes you want to appreciate your own mom or your parents like ten times more. It is amazing, for me. It’s an amazing journey right now. My son is the light of my life. You know what I mean. I also have an amazing husband that is very supportive, and i have an amazing family, and we all work together to make it happen, yeah.

Working as a wife, compared to when she was single
Honestly it is a whole new experience, because you equally have people who need your attention, a hundred per cent. So I am not going to say, I would put fifty per cent here and put the rest there. I have to put in two hundred per cent. Because, like i was saying, regardless of how you live your life, you are still going to do your work. So you can’t say you want to give your family fifty per cent and all that, you have to give them even more love. For me, it has just increased my heart and increased how much i actually have the capacity to love something actually beyond myself. So it’s something I am doing because it’s there now, and am not changing the situation. It is fun and it’s hard work, because you are balancing studio time and home.


You see your mama prayers enh, mek you no joke with your mama prayer at all. I earnestly believe so strong in prayers. I am not trying to skip your question or anything, but nothing is possible if there is no strength in God. If you don’t love God, you cannot love a human being. I am not trying to tell you that people that don’t have love for God now that that’s why we are separating so much, or maybe that okay the God i pray to, is not the God they pray to, and different things or whatever. For me if you have something higher than you that you love, the love that you will give to a human being would be priceless. So you can’t…, i mean, i believe so greatly in the Almighty. So this is how i am going to answer this question, i have love for God and i have fear for the almighty. So it’s hard for me to take my hand and not use it to help somebody. If you pray, you will find the answers you need for your marriage i believe. There is so many answers in sitting down to yourself and having a conversation with God, or even a relationship with him. It is called faith. We believe in what we don’t see, so if you have faith, there is so many boundaries you can break, yeah!

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