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Many things about eating and drinking during pregnancy are very common in many societies. In ancient societies, pregnant women were forbidden to eat many things during this period. Eating strawberries was forbidden in some places and eating papaya in others In the case of strawberries, it was commonly thought that eating them would cause spots or bumps on the baby’s body, so in some societies it was common for papaya to cause miscarriage.
Such incidents can sometimes happen by chance, but they cannot be considered as a definite principle and even experiments and scientific research do not support it. Practicing them even after saying that we have been doing it for centuries. That’s what they’ve been doing, absolutely wrong.

The main thing for a pregnant woman to keep in mind is that during this period, since she is raising a baby in her womb, she should always get a nutritious diet rich in essential nutrients.

In this regard, it is not necessary to feed him very expensive food, nature has also provided cheap food. Their food can also meet the nutritional needs of him and the child.
Weight gain is a must
Weight gain during pregnancy is a must. Women who try to avoid this natural weight gain by eating less just to look lean and smart, abuse their unborn children and themselves.
The child and she will suffer the consequences later on. It would not be wrong to say that this misconception became common because of Europe. This idea was common there, but most physicians also supported the idea that the weight of the pregnant woman. I should not gain more than 15 pounds. He thinks that if he weighed more than 15 pounds, he would suffer from Toxaemia, including pregnancy, then he and his child would become obese.
No one believes that today.
It is important to clarify that middle-aged pregnant women gain weight, mainly due to lack of physical exertion and exercise. At this age, as physical mobility decreases and the diet is eaten according to youth. Therefore, weight gain is certain. If such pregnant women eat a full diet, then of course their baby will also gain weight, but according to observations, this increase is not very high.
This does not mean that pregnant women should have complete freedom to gain weight. Instead of gaining too much weight, they should try to gain weight safely. Gaining up to 25 pounds during pregnancy is a safe limit. Research has shown that women who weigh less than 21 pounds are more likely to give birth to babies who have poor developmental capacity, while some pregnant women have embryos. That is, the unborn child may die.

In addition to the United States, it has been observed in Germany that women who weigh 27 to 35 pounds during pregnancy have difficulty in maternity, even in the case of maternity due to caesarean section (operation). Weight gain should be safe.
Vitamins and minerals
There is a strong emphasis on the need for vitamins and minerals during pregnancy, such as calcium and iron.
The question is whether these ingredients can be obtained from natural sources or from artificial sources. In an era when physicians placed more emphasis on keeping pregnant women underweight, pregnant women were advised to eat low calorie foods and They were given multivitamin pills. They were told that they did not need to eat, they only took the recommended pills.

In practice, it is estimated that such women generally do not follow the doctor’s advice, because multivitamin pills are expensive and no government provides them for free from its own hospitals. It gets worse. Most women avoid it by calling it an unnatural act.
Pills do not cause significant weight gain in the last six months of pregnancy.
They only benefit women who are really deficient in vitamins and minerals and whose deficiency endangers their health and the health of their baby, but they should not give preference to nutritious food. In addition, large amounts of vitamins can harm both the mother and the fetus.
The old adage, “Eat the pill,” is obsolete.
In fact, during pregnancy, the mother should be encouraged to develop positive and healthy eating habits, so that she and her baby can continue to enjoy the benefits of these habits throughout life. This is the best time for her nutritional training, going beyond that. The whole family can benefit. The pill is only a one-time solution, while a long-term solution is needed.
At a time when every country is providing advice and guidance for better health as well as medical treatment, it is imperative to create awareness among women, especially those who eat good natural foods.
They should know which vegetables are useful and how much nutrition they can get from fruits. They should be encouraged to get proteins and other nutrients from proven grains and pulses besides meat. Instead, more emphasis should be placed on its quality. Foods should be such that every family can get them easily.

Folic acid
One study found that women with neural tube complications during pregnancy were given 4 mg of folic acid tablets daily for three months before conception and in the first three months of pregnancy. Are largely immune to complications.
Fluid and salt
Lack of water, other fluids and salt during pregnancy is inappropriate.
It is not advisable to reduce the amount of salt and water to lower blood pressure during pregnancy. Similarly, this diet is not correct in case of accumulation of water (swelling) in the body, as both these complaints go away automatically after motherhood. Are done.
Herbal medicine
It is an undeniable fact that herbalism is being renewed in Europe and the United States.
So now pregnant women are using various herbs in the form of capsules and tinctures, for example, boiled raspberry leaves are drunk to improve the uterus, then papaya capsules are eaten for heartburn. There are also herbs used for various complaints. Similarly, many herbs are used to bring the uterus back to its original state after childbirth. The real precaution in this regard is in terms of their quantity. Utensils are required and can only be done by an authorized physician.

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