Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas took the world by a surprise when reports revealed that they are engaged and they will be having a traditional Indian roka ceremony. Now that they have also confessed their love for each other on social media platforms, Priyanka’s mother and business partner Madhu Chopra decided to speak about the impending wedding and its speculations that followed.

Firstly, Madhu Chopra denied all the rumours about the wedding date. She clarified that neither Priyanka nor Nick are in a hurry since the two of them are busy with their work commitments. They are yet to decide a date and also the place they want to get married, asserted the doting mother in recent media reports. Amidst all these, Madhu also confessed the one dream she has about the Priyanka Chopra – Nick Jonas wedding.

Maintaining that Priyanka always knew what her mother Madhu wanted, the actress’ mother stated that having a roka was her desire and her daughter just fulfilled. Adding to it, she also confessed her another wish, which is to have a traditional Indian wedding. In the media reports, Madhu Chopra suggested that she would love to see the couple get married as per Indian traditions. While having a roka was what she wanted because it starts with a puja, Madhu also added that even though she is a modern mother, she respects Indian customs and traditions and is conservative that way.

On the other hand, Madhu Chopra was all praises for Nick and the Jonas family. She was not only impressed with the way her to-be son-in-law respected elders but also with the way he imbibed the Indian traditions. She happily also shared in reports about how Nick was aptly chanting the Sanskrit mantras during the puja at the roka ceremony.

Followed by the ceremony, the couple also planned an engagement bash with close family and loved ones from the film fraternity.