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Priyanka’s engagement reminds of her old statement saying failing in a commitment scares her

Priyanka Chopra is making headlines for her reportedly engagement with Hollywood singing star Nick Jonas. Priyanka and Nick are setting some major couple goals. People are criticising them for the age difference yet the couple never shies away instead Nick gave them a befitting reply with an Instagram story. Many Bollywood celebs also spoke up for PeeCee and lashed out at the people who are saying such negative things. The couple has decided to move a step forward in their relationship after meeting with each other’s parents.

Recently, Priyanka left the movie Bharat starring Salman Khan and tell us that a change has come in the Hindi film industry without speaking a word. Well, she is a hero indeed no less than any male superstar.

Priyanka is always vocal about her thoughts and speaks her mind and she never feared of anyone. Priyanka always questioned about her marriage and what kind of man she wants and as always PC answered them with – a romantic at heart, who could go to extra miles to bring a smile to her face is the kind of love story she has always dreamt of. Well, Nick is all she wants and he does the things like that would impress her that’s why Priyanka welcomed a man in her life after a long time.

Well, if we are talking about the lady and her relationship, let’s take a look at one of her old interviews where she said things about falling in ‘love’ for the first time and if she is scared of commitment.

In the interview, when she was asked about her idea of romance, she said, “Mush, mush and more mush. I’m blinded by this idealized Mills and Boon romance.”

And Falling in love for the first time, PeeCee had revealed, “Love! I’m fascinated by the four-lettered word. I’m still trying to find my own interpretation of love. I was definitely infatuated when I was 17. But I don’t know about love.”

When Priyanka was asked if commitment scared her in any way, PC replied, “No, I’m actually looking forward to it but I’m not yet ready for it. It is the fear of failing In that commitment that scares me”.

We are now waiting for Priyanka and Nick to make an official statement about the

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