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If you change your eating habits or use a certain medicine, if the weather changes or if you get any disease then two parts of the body are affected. First the nails or the skin and then the hair grows. It seems to break or fall down. It becomes extremely bright or dull. In the old days, the old women used to feed Amla, Amla, etc. at the same time, and at night, they used to keep Amla, Sakkai and Rethe Bhago and keep them. Herbal tips also showed their effect.
As the weather changes, so does hair loss, and hair loss is a common occurrence.
You can also prepare a mask at home to protect your hair. This protects you from the harmful effects of chemical compounds, while natural and plant elements also complement the beauty and beauty of your hair.

For hair mask:
Mix honey and banana in one egg and mix three tablespoons of fresh milk and five tablespoons of olive oil.

It is enough to apply this mask for half an hour and then clean it with lukewarm water and then shampoo it.
Yogurt mask:
Mix yoghurt with egg white and leave it for 15 to 45 minutes then shampoo.
Soft banana and almond mask:
Women whose hair stays dry. If there are soft bananas in their house, instead of wasting them, soak them in ten almonds and grind them.
This soft banana has so much power that it will consume the dryness of your hair and you too will be amazed to see shiny soft and smooth hair.
Decorating and grooming hair definitely enhances the beauty. For the best hair growth, it is important to keep your hair clean, which can prevent your hair from getting damaged. Shampooing has this benefit for our hair. That the hair becomes shiny and shiny.
When they are soft like silk, their beauty and shine affects our personality but for all of them it is important that you choose the right shampoo for your hair. Conditioning should also be done to make the hair shiny and elastic.
By the way, the skin of a normal scalp not only develops its own hair but also keeps the hair shiny, supple and strong but dry hair cannot grow on its own.
Therefore, by using conditioner, we can give natural shine and strength to these hairs. In greasy hair, since there is a lot of grease. Strengthens and prevents tangling and then it is suitable for all types of hair. Wet hair is weak and breaks by rubbing or brushing towels vigorously.

So to prevent your hair from getting tangled and tangled, put a soft and thick towel on your head and pat it and then wrap the towel around your hair and open it in such a way as to lengthen your hair. If you pull it out of your hair then both hands should not dry the hair in a circle as this way the hair breaks more. Now use an open tooth comb in your hair and avoid brushing. Comb and use a brush when the hair is completely dry.

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