Protect your vision from frequent computer users

People who use computers usually have dry eyes as well as poor eyesight and eye fatigue. People who use computers also blink less than those who do not use computers.
(People who don’t use a computer blink at least 22 times a minute, while people who use a computer only blink 7 times.
The other important thing is the tiny muscles in the eyes that control the focus of any object). They only work when their distance from the object is greater. Focusing on an object placed too close makes these muscles tense constantly.
People who use computers should take a short break every 20 minutes to rest their eyes and look out of the window away from the computer.

Adjust the monitor in the same way. Adjust the monitor in such a way that the eyelid covers the maximum part of the pupil of the eye. This way the pressure on the eye will be minimized. Blink your eyelids as much as possible. Take good care of air and light and keep your work environment pleasant. All these things will also help in reducing problems like dry eyes, visual impairment and eye fatigue while using computer.

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