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If we talk about the Cricket’s History then there are lots of Interesting stories about it. Surely there is not complete evidence that when, how & Where Cricket Began for the First Time, But some Suggests that it was devised during Saxon & Norman Times. In the Beginning it was considered as the Children’s game for many generations but around the beginning of the 17th Century, Cricket was taken up by the Adults. cricket

As not Comprehensive evidence, many possibilities exist about the name & the source of the word Cricket. If we deeply Search the history then in 1598 Sports Reference it is known as Creckett. Some says that it is derived from the Middle Dutch “Crick” that means a Stick. This evidence suggests that there is definitely a connection of Dutch with the origin of the Cricket. In 1611, the first Reference has been found about the Existence of Cricket as being played. This was happened when two men decided to Play Cricket on Sunday Instead of going to Church. In the early 17 Century the Cricket had become the Adult Game but still there is not an evidence of Nation played Cricket.javed miandad

In the Middle of the 17th Century, Cricket had developed as a Village Cricket but there is nothing about Country Cricket or the Investment on it. In 1696 when Freedom was granted to the Press, the Cricket was highlighted for the First time & also the gambling evidence had been found in this Period. After the Restoration in 1660, probably the first County team was formed. At this Period the Gamblers introduced their Teams because they wanted to make their bets more Powerful. So in 1697, the First County Match was played against Sussex versus another County Team. In 17th Century, Cricket moved from England to other Part of the Globe. In the 18th Century, The Colonists introduced it in the West Indies. Similarly, The British East Company Mariners introduced it in India. In 1788, Cricket arrived in Australia & in the early 19th Century New Zealand & South Africa had been observed. In this Period Cricket never become the popular game in Canada, although lot of efforts had been made. In 1744 The Cricket had gained lot of Popularity. That’s why in 1744, The Cricket Laws had been introduced like Bat & Ball, wicket, Pitch dimensions & similar basic Structure. In 1774 the amendment had been made such as LBW, Maximum bat & Middle Stump. According to these laws all the Disputes should be handled by the two gentle men Called Empires. These Codes were drawn by the star & the Garter Club who’s Members were observed in MCC & Lords, so MCC had become power & the Legal Body or the Custodian of the Laws. This was the Period where Cricket continued to spread all over the World & in the early 18th Century for the first time famous Clubs named London & Dartford were established. The Club who gained Popularity in the Early Ages was Hambledon in Hampshire. During the 18thCentury the Cricket went in Crises due to the Seven years War & also due to the lack of players & Investment but in the 1760s Cricket Survived & Gradually Established in 1815. The Real Growth of Cricket started in the mid & late 19th Century with the development of Railway because with this facility the players went to the different places to play the matches. That’s why the Spectators were used to join their teams to Support them. The International Cricket started in 1844 with the match between USA & Canada at St George’s Cricket Club Ground. For the first time in History the Official Country Championship were organized in England & after that the Other Countries followed that Pattern & Organized the Championship in their Countries. In 1889 it was Decided to replace four balls per over to five balls per over & after that it had been Experienced to eight balls per over. In 1900 the Current Six balls per over pattern were Decided.  Since the 1979 & 80s the Six balls per over Pattern has been used Worldwide. Now the Cricket has become most popular game in the Globe of the World. Now it is commercialized because lot of Sponsors involved in it.shahid afridi

The twenty 20 is another popular format in the World’s Cricket. In this format there is much Excitement & enthusiasm & Cricket Lovers Really like it because it provides lots of entertainment to the viewers in less time. In the Current Scenario the changes are being made by ICC in International Cricket to make it more entertainment providing Game. That’s why the variety of Colors can be observed during the matches because now due to the International Marketing & with the use of Latest Technologies, the interest of the Viewers has increased which Encourages the Investors to invest more money & provide rapid entertainment to the Viewers & Cricket Lovers.

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