Romantic Engagement Pictures of Ghanaian Couples Ridiculed Because She is Plus-size

A set of pictures of a Ghanaian couple, Serwah (@mzznaki) and her spouse stirred a mixed reaction from Ghanaians eventually setting the images on viral fire.

To put it bluntly the size of @mzznaki is what has made a normal couple’s pre wedding pictures go viral with lots of commenting and sharing.

So we have 4 types of reactions, 1/ those who simply thought the pictures were cute and had nothing to say and shared it. 2/ Those who didn’t care what anyone thought and had to make their fat jokes. 3/ Those who didn’t want to say anything rude so instead they shared it with indirect comments mildly poking fun.

It’s hard to deny that the picture where her spouse is posed to be lifting the lady was the heavy hitter amongst the set and probably what brought the unwarranted attention. It really did look like he put a lot of effort to execute the lift. It is fair enough to say that picture did attract attention to the weight of his lady, creating a lot of indirect jokes complimenting his strength.

Ghanaian couple, Serwah

On one side, one will want to shame those making an issue out of a non issue, but on the other side, we are all aware of the world we live in and the culture it comes with. And when something outside of the culture is executed we have to be prepared to understand that in a world with billions of people, there will always be those who wish to remind you what you are doing is not something they are comfortable with.

MzzNaki and her lover need to remember that they are breaking the ice for all big girls and lovers of big girls who are shy to publish their love life. They will take the hit, they will take the stones, but there is only so many stones that can be thrown, and eventually after seeing hundreds more of ladies inspired to come out like @MzzNaki and their lovers, our stone throwers will get tired and find something else to throw stones at. @MzzNaki and her spouse are part of a cultural revolution and just made the next couple with insecurity more brave to expose their love, and we thank them for sharing their images.

Ghanaian couple, Serwah

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