Ronaldo’s thrown armband sells for $75,000 at Serbian auction to raise money for sick child

Lisbon (1) Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo’s arm band has sold for 75,000 dollars after an auction in Serbia. The captain of the football team wears this armband on his arm and it indicates that he is the captain.Ronaldo threw his armband on the ground in the match against Serbia when the referee gave him extra time. He refused to accept the goal.

The footballer’s rejected goal was considered significant because the match between Serbia and Portugal was then drawn by two goals to two. Portugal’s right-back Nono Mendes crossed Ronaldo fifteen seconds before the end of the game. Which Ronaldo turned into a goal.

However, the ball had just crossed the goal line when a Serbian defender from behind slipped and threw it out of the goal. The referee immediately ruled that it was not a goal, although in the action replay the ball could be clearly seen. Crossed the goal line.

Since the use of goal line or VAR technology is not allowed in international matches, the referee has to watch replays or highlights without a decision. The referee not only did not score the goal, but Ronaldo’s repeated appeals and resentment. He also warned them by showing them a yellow card. Ronaldo got emotional and took off his captain’s armband and threw it on the ground and left the pitch.
There, a local firefighter spotted Ronaldo throwing his armband. The man, identified as George Vicki Cheuch, picked up the armband and called a local TV channel to express his desire to auction it off. He told a foreign news agency that he did so because he wanted to raise money for the treatment of a six-month-old baby.

This baby has spinal cord disease, which affects one in ten thousand newborns. The disease kills 90 percent of children. The local TV channel Support Club examined Ronaldo’s arm band and, after watching and inspecting the TV replay, auctioned it off on auction site But the 64,000 euros, or ر75,000 from this auction is not enough to treat this child.

The treatment requires about ً 2.5 million. In a message on Instagram, Ronaldo wrote: “It’s hard to bear moments when the whole nation is being punished. We will keep our heads high and face the next challenge. “The referee apologized to me after the match and now we have moved on,” Portugal coach Fernando Santos said.

“It was clearly our goal, but now we can’t do anything about it. The match was under our control in the first half but our attention was diverted in the second half and we failed to stop Serbia. ”There have been various comments on social media in this regard. If this goal had been accepted, Portugal would have been the winner, perhaps that is why the fans are very unhappy with its rejection. One user wrote on Twitter that ‘Ronaldo has become the only player in history to be shown a yellow card for scoring a goal. Is.’

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