Salu Mian refuses to accept compensation for Shah Rukh Khan’s film “Pathan”

Mumbai (blogger4zero) Salman Khan refused to accept compensation for his short role in Shah Rukh Khan’s film “Pathan”. Bollywood’s Sultan Salman Khan who is named after his brother in the industry. He proved to be a ‘brother’ not only on the big screen but also in real life. According to Bollywood commotion, Salman Khan in Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’ made under Yash Raj banners. He had played a brief role and he has made an entry in the film in the role of ‘Tiger’ for which filmmaker Aditya Chopra decided to pay a huge compensation to Salman Khan.

According to reports, when Salman Khan completed the shooting of his part for the film ‘Pathan’, filmmaker Aditya Chopra went to Salman Khan to pay him, but the domineering actor refused to pay for the shooting.

According to sources, Aditya Chopra tried to persuade Salman Khan but the Bollywood Sultan replied, “Shah Rukh Khan is like my brother, I can do anything for him.” Aditya Chopra is now thinking of giving him an expensive gift for not taking money from Salman Khan. On the other hand, when Bollywood romance king Shah Rukh Khan was told about the whole situation, he replied, “Brother is brother.” ‘

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