Samsung surrenders and stops selling digital cameras

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Samsung’s digital cameras have lived their last days, after it has been confirmed that the Koreans will stop making them.

Few companies are able to expand into different sectors and maintain the level that is expected of them. Samsung is one of them; Both makes smartphones like washing machines.

However, even a company as huge as Samsung has to cut from time to time; Especially when market trends change.

Digital cameras, at the mercy of smartphones

And few markets have changed as exceptionally as digital cameras; And all for “fault” smartphones. It is no coincidence that every time a new smartphone is introduced, the camera is one of the great protagonists.



Fewer and fewer people buy a camera dedicated exclusively to that, to take photos; Thanks to the quality of the integrated cameras in the mobile, many see it as an unnecessary expense. Especially if we compare them with digital cameras.

All this has convinced Samsung to abandon the digital camera market; According to sources from South Korea, Samsung recently stopped the production and sale of digital cameras .

Samsung digital cameras say goodbye

The source is an anonymous employee of the company, who is quite categorical marking the end of the production of Samsung digital cameras. However, that does not mean that they will stop selling cameras.

samsung-nx500Instead, Samsung will create a new category of product for its cameras; In this category will include cameras for smartphones and other models such as the recently improved Gear 360.

At the moment, it will be this type of cameras oriented to the mobile use that will charge more prominence in Samsung. In this way, the end of 20 years of sales of digital cameras, being the NX500 the latest model released.

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