See 7 Ways Nigerian Music Influences The Youths Negatively

Is Nigerian Music a Bad Influence To Our Youths

 Music is a powerful tool that is effective in communication. Apart from evoking strong emotion, it is also capable of stimulating the senses. No wonder music has been employed as an effective tool for brand building.

However, despite the benefits derived from music, its influence on the Nigerian youths cannot be overemphasized. It has indeed done more harms than good. Most of the things that are currently portrayed in the modern genre of music affect the minds of Nigerian youths negatively. This ranges from displaying exotic cars, spraying dollars to drinking alcohol and smoking weed.

So, below are ways in which I believe Nigerian music affect the youths.

  1. Mode of dressing

One of the ways in which music corrupts the Nigerian youths is the influence it has on their mode of dressing. The dressing mode among youths has undergone some radical changes. Girls prefer to wear skimpy and provocative dresses which tempt the opposite sex. This leads to rape and other forms of sexual assault. It also affects the mode of dressing in males. Most guys now prefer putting on crazy jeans with funny hair-dos which do not promote our moral values.

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  1. Promotion of premarital sex

Most modern music promotes premarital sex among Nigerian youths. It has made most youths to perceive premarital sex as a norm. This makes them believe premarital sex has no negative implication and that it is an important necessity.

  1. Social isolation

Social isolation is another influence music has on Nigerian youths. Today, youths prefer spending time with their TV watching music video to having contact with their fellow human beings. This has greatly affected interaction and interdependence amongst our youths.

  1. Disrespect for authority

The lyrics contained in some genres of music influences the youths to disrespect the authority. The lyrics support you getting whatever you want not minding whether you have to cheat, steal, lie or even kill to get it. Lots of music today makes you believe that you’re not cool unless you disobey the rules and authority of the society where you find yourself.

  1. The use of nasty languages

The use of nasty words and sentences in most music also corrupts the youths. Most music today support cursing and using meaningless words. This has led to a drastic decline in our moral values.

  1. Promotion of pornography

Most music videos today have embraced the idea of parading unclad girls as dancers. Music videos are now full of pornographic and provocative dances. This also affected our culture as most youths have embraced these displays as normal ways of life.

  1. Development of negative thoughts

All sorts of activities (smoking Indian hemp, drinking alcohol, dancing nakedly, spraying cash) displayed in today’s music videos create negative and immoral thoughts in the minds of the youths. This makes them misbehave while trying to be like their “role models.”

It seems the purpose of most music today is to be subversive and it will take more effort to correct the menace it’s causing.

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