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SEO versus Blogger

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Today’s entry has a different point. I want to expose and compare some points between the daily activity of a Blogger and a SEO from the point of view of ” confrontation “, however the latter is purely for fun, my opinion about the two disciplines is a need the other to achieve their best.   We started.

Blogger vs SEO

#Round 1

SEO.- Blogger positioning’re too slow, you want to climb in Google only through writing and that will not be enough, at least not to go fast. If this will be your only strategy starts thinking about recordable  hours of sleep you’ll have to post 5 post per day to forcefully position (unless you write about the ” Colorado lizard of Patagonia “).

Blogger.- SEO I’m very slow and you want to go too fast. You’ll pretend to run  much later that soon you’ll stumble upon tripping of Google, even though you know run a lot and move up Google runs more than you. I will position  slow but sure I position, sooner or later you shut your blog, everything sooner or later that afternoon the search engine catch you .


#Round 2

SEO.- Blogger I run and I run fast because I know, you go slowly because you do not master my techniques. You’re not an expert in Link Building and you dedicate yourself to exchange links with your other friends bloggers from your blogroll, not knowing what you’re doing to Google, which both mentions, now does not like, link exchange should be triangular and nonreciprocal as accustom to make Bloggers. Not master rapid and effective techniques of Black Hat, you do not even know what the Black Hat. Being Blogger is the most boring way to make your website visible and getting buyers or conversions of any kind.

Blogger.- Play to be be SEO is the fastest way to ruin your logbook. We make reciprocal link exchanges because we give more importance to the fellowship positioning. You talk about Link Building as a quick way to move up , you do not know it is that changes in the algorithm are faster than you, Vince, Mayday, Caffeine, Panda, Pinguin … All are at repartee mission.It’s a battle you’ve lost some time, stop touching me links and yourself a blog.


#Round 3

SEO.- Changes in the algorithm affect only the most obvious, if you know make a natural SEO you will never affect our profession today it is synonymous with success, but looks at Don Caprio and Business Online, do you think happens days publishing whole post one after another to position? He wins in one day with his blog what you win in a month with Adsense. If you are an online store not only will it be Blogger, hire a SEO right now and see how it gets better.

Blogger.- Hire a SEO and how is not updated today and apply techniques previous positioning Pinguin your online store will sink you and your SEO inside, hire a blogger to write in a blog within your page really as the months increases your position and your conversions. You speak of Don Caprio, except that meets the rule, we have to Leo Babauta , blogger world famous, with over 150,000 subscribers or Pete Cashmore , considered one of the best bloggers in the world, with more than 3 million followers Twitter and an average of more than 1,500 retweets by post. Does anyone give more?versus

And you who did you think won? #Blogger Or #SEO?

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