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Shah Rukh Khan to give a speech at the Oxford University sooner than later, all thanks to Malala Yousafzai

Last year Shah Rukh Khan had revealed that he has been invited to give a speech at the Oxford University. Speaking to Mid-Day, the actor had said, “I love to talk. Whenever someone invites me to deliver a speech, I always consider it an opportunity. I have been to Yale earlier (in 2012) and now, I have received an invitation from Oxford. I’ll go if I have the time and if it fits into my scheme of things.” The Principal of the institution Alan Rusbridger, had extended the invitation through Twitter saying, “can we tempt to to Oxford University to talk to our students at @lmhoxford? They love you (I’m the principal)” Since there has been no more news in that front until today when Malala Yousafzai’s comment made SRK expedite the process.

Check out Shah Rukh Khan and Malala’s conversation right here…



Still waiting!!!! @iamsrk 🙏

alan rusbridger


Replying to @iamsrk

can we tempt to to Oxford University to talk to our students at @lmhoxford? They love you (I’m the principal)

Shah Rukh Khan


Most certainly would love to do it & meeting u will be a privilege. Will put my team to schedule it sooner than soon 



Still waiting!!!! @iamsrk 🙏 

The invite was extended in November 2016. Talking about his speeches which have become a bible for many who dream big and come from humble beginnings, SRK told the daily, “I don’t like anyone writing for me. It takes time for me to sit down and write, given my schedule, but it has to be done by me. I am yet to zero in on a subject for this talk.” So next time you ask him who writes his speeches, just reread this quote! Believe!

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