She is The Only Female Teacher in Her School, She Now Encourages More Girls To Go To School

Suwaiba Yunusa is the only female teacher at Janbulo Islamiyya Primary School in Roni, Jigawa state.   

Global Partnership for Education explains that the school feels fortunate to have Suwaiba as there are few female teachers in the state. She is considered to be far more than just another teacher.

According to the teachers who spoke with GPE, Suwaiba’s presence convinces parents to send their girl children to school, while the students are said to happily chant her name because they see someone like them.

They noted that the girls feel much freer with a woman teacher, so, they talk more openly in class.

Seeing herself as a role model who the girls can talk to about any issue, especially as they grow up and enter puberty, Suwaiba explained that it was inappropriate in their culture for male teachers to help older girls, or discipline them unlike a female teacher who is seen as a mother.


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