She was a woman who resembles his wife secretly without informing the Chinese 9 years, who is this woman? Knowing that you will be forced to also adopt a resolution

Beijing (K) Mother and Co are usually, whom it is difficult to judge, but a Chinese husband found a solution to this mystery that the wife is happy to be a fight between life husband the mother’s right to be paid well.
Young Pakistani woman I went on honeymoon without a husband. . . Images came to the front
Snghayst website reported that Liu syangly his family’s wealth, if the person is married to a woman named Yao Zong Choi also occurred in this section. Leo took his family business well and hard and made a superb home, but when he had to bring my mother clean the house cahatu wife refused. The wife’s mother Liu had refused to take his place, but fighting between the two women over a week was so intense that it is possible to combine them.
Liu did not think much reason to address this issue and wife had rented a house near his home without parents moved there. He kept her without telling his wife to 9 years and I think it is possible. Liu’s wife, mother of his time running out in the presence of the two women recently came suddenly face to face in the local market. Liu’s wife was given a warm love for the poor health of his mother and her husband finally flung arms and allowed the husband to bring home to mother

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