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Silicon Valley Tech Nerds Think They’re Reinventing The Sexual Revolution Because They Have Orgies

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I just finished reading a piece by Emily Chang for Vanity Fair in a piece that takes us behind Silicon Valley’s sexual curtain. It’s a look at the exclusive orgies where rich industry investors and company founders push their boundaries, experiment with hedonistic fuck parties, and make up for what they see as lost time as they flaunt their sense of self-importance. “What’s making [this sexual lifestyle] possible is the same progressiveness and open-mindedness that allows us to be creative and disruptive about ideas,” one company founder says.

In other words, these guys think that because they’re so elevated, so much more intellectually sophisticated than you and I is why they’re allowed to orgy like the Romans did. They’re convinced their app is going to change the world.

Chang’s subjects see themselves as “setting a new paradigm of behavior by pushing the boundaries of social mores and values.” But the sorts of sex parties, open relationships, and resulting gender imbalances Chang describes is nothing new under the sun. And if these nerds think they’re changing the world because of what they do when they’re group fucking, then it’s worth considering just how much ground they’re actually breaking when they’re in the office.

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