SMS Shayari – Sacrifice is greater than love

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Sacrifice is greater than love,
Character is greater than beauty,
Humanity is greater than wealth,
But nothing is greater than friendship.
There r times i find my hands full of friends?
i want 2 hold them hard
as i fear losing them.
I laugh when i realize that
they r the ones holding me. .
Thanks 4 being 1
I feel happy.
Do u know y?
Coz i?m lucky
U know y?
coz GOD loves me
U know how?
coz god send me a wonderful friend
U know who?
ITS U!!!
When heart beats it says ?lub-dub?.
Do U know whats it means?
LUB says ?Live Ur life Best?
DUB says ?Do Ur Best in life?
Enjoy every heart beat.
?Happy Friendship Day.?
From MY side to YOU-
knowing a friend like u
has made me happy in
a million ways and if
I ever have to let u go?
i?ll find a million reasons to make u stay. ?
Sweet but not honey,
precious but not money,
bright but not sunshine,
Improves with time but not wine,
dont know?? ,it?s friendship..!
Life is like a novel.
Many chapters read and forgotten.
But there is one I wont forget.
It?s the chapter
?I met u and we became friends?.

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