Snehal Dongre’s Tough Journey Will Make You Love Your Fat Body

Snehal Dongre’s Tough Journey Will Make You Love Your Fat Body

For as long as she can memorize, she has been shamed a lot of time for being fat, unshaped body, and tormented for her body form.

All these bad remarks for years have considerably shaped her character as well as her thinking. She started hating herself and her body and always dreamt that some miracle takes place and change her into a conventionally beautiful female.

It took her a lot of time and hard work, plus years of talking to her besties and reading body related articles to come to the right place. So, had she agreed to the fact that she is a fat girl completely? No, but she was making attempts.

On social media, she followed females who had beautiful body structures and cheer other females to do the same.

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Every time she saw a post regarding body-positive she I read it carefully and try to add in the goodness into her life. And one such post is Snehal Dongre’s tale, which she read this morning on Humans of Bombay’s Facebook page.

In the special post, Snehal discussed how she was tormented all through her childhood, was disgraced by clothing shops, and was asked to shed extra weight by unknown people. But she got full support from her mom and sissy who assisted her to hug her body and flaunt it. So, Snehal went from being a personality who boasted of low sense of worth, thanks to body disgracing, to being a well-known model for a variety of products and fashion weeks.


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You can read the full post here, “I’ve always been one of the ‘big’ kids. Disguised as a tomboy with baggy clothes, I spent most of my childhood hanging out with boys — the girls were too mean. Throughout school and college I never changed but at home, my support system was strong. My mom allowed me to wear whatever I wanted to because she wanted me to be exactly who I wanted to. What made me insecure was the way other people; sometimes complete strangers behaved towards me. Clothing stores have shooed me away for not carrying my size, random people who I’ve never spoken to have come up to me while I’m having a meal and said, ‘you need to watch your weight’ — I mean, is it so hard for people to believe that I love my body for the way it is?

And it’s not like I’m lazy – I’m healthy and fit. I love outdoor activities. I’m a national level weightlifter and despite of winning so many medals, all I heard from my extended relatives were comments like ‘no boy will want to marry a weightlifter — lose some weight if you want to find a good boy.’ This severely lowered my self-esteem–I hated my rolls and stretch marks because I wasn’t appreciated for my talents and was being pulled down to match standards that I never wanted to meet.

In an attempt to make me feel better, my sister who’s also curvy convinced me to try on some fun, fitted clothes with her and gave us both a makeover! I loved how I felt — I loved my curves, so why was I hiding?

We began to post these photos on social media and got a tremendous response. While I was nowhere near being confident, people began to look up to me as a role model for plus-sized girls! All my dreams came true when I was invited to audition for Lakme fashion week. I got selected and officially became a model!

As my modeling career kicked off, I started collaborating with plus-sized brands and embracing the skirts, shorts and crop tops that I used to run away from. I finally stopped hiding.

But sadly, when you finally begin to accept yourself, not everyone’s going to make it easy for you. I still I get mean comments on my photos designed to body shame me. It used to bother me at first, but now I choose to focus on the comments that lift me up.

Some of my aunts added to it —they would snoop online to find my pictures and complain to my mom about my inappropriate attire. In response, my mother encouraged me to continue to wear what I want and told them – ‘if she has it, she’ll flaunt it!’

Often, girls are taught that fairness and a narrow waistline are what makes you beautiful, but the truth is beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors …it’s how you feel about yourself. It’s also who you are that matters– not what you look like. Our souls make us beautiful; the way we treat other people makes us beautiful. I’m plus sized and dusky with tattoos all over — but I feel like a queen, and I’ve taken away the power from anyone else to make me feel otherwise!”

If you also like me and crores of other females have ever been fat-shamed, you should be acquainted with that there’s nothing mistaken with you. Because fat is gorgeous.

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