Sohanjana beans – useful food and medicine

Sohanjana bean is also a herbal medicine in addition to food, which has been used in Greek medicine for a long time. In 1990, American scientists made it a subject of research and said that this bean is useful in more than 300 diseases, including diabetes These include heart disease, high blood pressure, anemia, joint pain, and depression.
Then the benefits of Sohanjana began to be discussed everywhere. Although in medicine it has been declared as a useful medicinal plant and its benefits have been described for a long time, but no one paid attention. Sohanjana is now being further researched and is being discussed all over the world again. Sohanjana is a plant whose leaves contain proteins, twice as much potassium as yogurt, three times as much calcium as bananas, four times as much vitamin A as milk, and four times as much vitamin C as carrots. Seven times more iron than oranges, nine times more spinach and three times more almonds.

Sohanjana bean is not only an excellent nutritious food but also one of the most effective herbal medicine. It contains a wide variety of amino acids. Can’t compete with its effectiveness. Sohanjana food has been shown to be very effective in preventing cancer. It is an excellent dietary tonic for lactating women.
Sohanjana is also useful and effective in relieving colds and flu. It is very beneficial for people with weak nerves due to its high content of potassium. Due to the presence of Vitamin A, it protects against eye, skin, heart and gastrointestinal diseases. Calcium strengthens bones and iron helps red blood cells to grow.
In some people, eating Sohanjana beans causes urinary incontinence, which is not a major concern, as excessive urination removes waste products from the body, which is beneficial.

The important thing is that people who suffer from urinary incontinence after eating Sohanjana beans, go away on their own after a few days. It can also be taken in empty capsules.
This useful bean is beneficial for people of all ages. Sohanjana plant becomes a complete tree in eight months. It is a tropical plant. It grows very fast when it rains in summer season. It is suitable for water. Supply, bright light and high temperature are its basic needs.

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